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Jeep completes her EDT and passes the test

Jeep ★★★★★

"MyEDT Driving School helped me complete my EDT lessons and prepare for the test. My instructor was very understanding of my needs and every lesson boosted my confidence..."



John passes the test

John ★★★★★

"I had experience with driving so the EDT felt like a formality. We got through my EDT fast and from the first lesson I knew I was going to pass my driving test with MyEDT Driving School..."


The Sponsor

Learning to drive is a process. This process has been proven to be most successful when a learner shares the benefit of professional tuition from an Approved Driving Instructor and extra supervised practice with a designated sponsor. The sponsor is most often a parent or relative but may also be a friend or even your driving instructor.

The sponsor should take this job seriously and try to work closely with your driving instructor to ensure that you get the right practice in between your essential driver training lessons.

It is recommended that you get 2-3 hour practice with your sponsor between EDT lessons. Obviously if you can do this with your sponsor it means you will progress faster. If you get practice with a sponsor and make faster progress, it potentially means less paid lessons with your instructor. So get that practice in!

You will of course have to pay for the 12 EDT lessons to get your 12 EDT certificates but get the necessary practice with your sponsor and with some pretest driving lessons designed to get you used to the test environment itself, you will pass with relative ease.