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Jeep completes her EDT and passes the test

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"MyEDT Driving School helped me complete my EDT lessons and prepare for the test. My instructor was very understanding of my needs and every lesson boosted my confidence..."



John passes the test

John ★★★★★

"I had experience with driving so the EDT felt like a formality. We got through my EDT fast and from the first lesson I knew I was going to pass my driving test with MyEDT Driving School..."


Terms and conditions for MyEDT Driving School

Last updated 06/07/2015

1. MyEDT Driving School is an independant online platform that facilitates the connection between Irish learner drivers and qualified professional driving Instructors. We do not provide driving lessons nor do we operate as an  joint-venturer or principal contractor for Irish driving Instructors. Reasonable care and diligence has been taken to ensure Instructors of the highest quality available.

2. MyEDT Driving School is not liable, whatsoever, for any traffic violations incurred by a client, whilst engaged in a driving lesson. In such an event, the client is solely liable to make good any amounts payable as a result of the violation.

3. The client permits and indemnifies MyEDT Driving School of any action resulting from the use of photographs of the individual, digital images or related information for promotional purposes only.

4. The client is liable for a 100% cancellation fee, if they fail to provide notice to the appointed instructor 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson. If a client books and does not cancel before the scheduled lesson time, the amount paid for the lesson will be forfeited entirely. The effect of this clause is however at the discretion of the appointed Instructor.

5. MyEDT Driving School is not liable under any circumstance for any damage, negligence whatsoever caused, or loss resulting from any accident or collision, vehicle malfunction, absence of appropriate insurances and/or including any other event that results in damage or loss to the client or Instructor.

6. All purchases made from MyEDT Driving School are subject to a 12 month expiry period from the purchase date. If a purchase has not been redeemed before its expiry, the total amount will be lost.

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